This month we are going to be learning about jobs people have (Community Helpers). Do you have a special skill or job you would like to share with children? Please let us know if you would like to share with the children about your job.

Thank you for remembering to call us when your child is absent. This helps us both in knowing whether or not to expect your child at school that day and also to track illnesses that come through our preschool.

Book, Books. Did you know that books are very important for your child’s learning? They are to learn many concepts and things they didn’t know with books! Children are also able to stretch their imaginations, creativity, and language development. Books show them that there are universal symbols that represent words – this will help them to learn to read and write.  Books can take them to new places!

Parent Surveys

Thank you again to everyone who took time to complete a parent survey. The board has received lots of positive feedback and thank you for all your replies. We will give you an update on action items or changes that come from our survey results. Stay tuned…..

Preschool spots for September are continuing to fill up (only toddler spots and afternoon spots left). If you know anyone planning interested in attending Stanley’s Preschool in September, please let us know. We will be taking a waitlist for the morning spots.

Book orders are due March 27th 28th, 29th. Please make cheques payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd or you can pay for your order online.

Just a reminder that the school will be closed for March Break from Monday, March 11th to Friday, March 15th.

Enjoy your time with your children during March Break.

Miss Kim & Miss Tammy