We are looking forward to a fun month of learning about various pets as we play games, sing songs, read books. If you have pet please bring in photo of your pet to share with the class. (label it too please)

Our Valentine’s Day parties will be on February 12, 13 & 14th. If your child would like to give their classmates Valentine cards or treats to take home with them, there are 16 children in each preschool class and 10 toddlers. Please do not worry about writing each individual child’s name on the card or treat, just write who it is from on the back.

Book, Books. Did you know that books are very important for your child’s learning? They are to learn many concepts and things they didn’t know with books! Children are also able to stretch their imaginations, creativity, and language development. Books show them that there are universal symbols that represent words – this will help them to learn to read and write.  Books can take them to new places!


Some of you may be wondering just how (and what) your child is doing at preschool. Knowing that it’s difficult to have an in-depth conversation at drop-off /pick-up, we would like to offer times after class for you to sit down with us or if you need to have phone call to talk about this. Please let us know  if you are interested in meeting and we can arrange a time to do so.

Bad weather

Remember there may be the occasional inclement weather days. Stanley’s Preschool closes whenever the schools close and this closure information is on the various local radio stations


Feb. 17 no school for family day

Feb. 12, 13, 14 Valentine’s day party (16 children in each preschool class and 10 toddlers if your child wants hand out cards for their class)

Feb. 26, 27, 28 PJ day come to school wearing your PJ’s

We are going on a class trip in March. The dates are March 11, March 12 and 13. We give out more information next month.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Miss Kim and Miss Tammy