We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new and returning children. We are all looking forward to an exciting year here at Stanley’s Preschool.  Should you have any questions about the school or your child, please feel free to ask Miss Kim or Tammy either by sending a note with your child or talking to us after school.

Please fill out all the forms completely.


The first month’s fees are due the first day of school. The balance of the tuition fees must be paid with post-dated cheques for each remaining month and should also be submitted on the first day of class. We are also now excepting e-transfers.

Please be advised that for fees for this year. From September to December 2019 we will still receive funding to have our fees reduced. Starting in January fees will be increased due to the funding no longer being available. 

Starting in 2020, the Provincial Government will make child care more affordable through a new tax credit.

Here is the cost of fees for this year:

Tuition Fees Sept. – Dec 2019 Jan. –June 2020
Toddler Program
1 session / week $89 $99
Preschool Program
2 sessions / week $152 $162
3 sessions / week $217 $227
4 sessions / week $264 $274

Cheques are payable to “Stanley’s Preschool”

E-transfers: preschoolpayment@kitchenergospel.com

Scholastic Books

We are a “Scholastic” school! Each month in your child’s cubby you will receive Scholastic Book order forms. They sell books for children at a lower cost than the stores and Stanley’s gets a percentage of money back so that we in turn can buy books or items for school. Please make cheques payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd or you can pay for your order online. Orders for this month are due September 25th, 26th and 27th.

Helping Ensure a Positive Beginning

Each September we have many new children start at Stanley’s. Many parents want to know how to start their child here when their child is experiencing separation anxiety.
First we want you to know that separation anxiety is very normal and is a normal part of a child’s development. You as a parent should not be concerned if your child develops separation anxiety. It is also very common for children to start our programs with great enthusiasm and excitement, but after a few weeks begin to have separation anxiety. Some things to help your child’s transition into Preschool…

  • Talk to your child’s teachers about how your child separates from you and is feeling about school
  • On their first days here, spend some time when dropping them off
  • After showing your child around, let one of your child’s teachers know you are leaving
  • Say goodbye
  • Once you have said goodbye it is very important to follow through with the goodbye
  • Leave happily and with confidence, your child will feel it if you are unsure
  • If your child is upset you are encouraged to still leave
  • We allow children to bring comfort items to school with them. I.e. stuffed animal, blanket, pacifier, picture of their family
  • Keep communication lines open with your child’s teachers, we will brainstorm strategies to help your child settle into his or her day

We are asking parents to send a water bottle to school for their child. Please put their name as well a picture of them on it. They will be sent home each day and bought back to school each day.  Please make sure to send your child with a hat and sunscreen on as the weather is still warm out. All clothing or items for school must be labeled.

FYI: Class trip to Steckle Heritage Homestead.

Wednesday class October 9th – 9:30 to 11:00 AM.
Thursday’s class October 10th – 9:30 to 11:00 AM. The pm class can go on either day, there will be no class in the afternoon.
The toddler class will not be part of this class trip. More information will be sent home next month.

We are looking forward to an exciting new year.

Miss Kim and Miss Tammy